These 6 Celebrity Makeup Lines Are Worth Springing For

We wouldn’t blame you for being a little wary of celebrities selling out by putting their names on subpar products. We’ve rounded up a few lines that are the exact opposite and stand perfectly fine on their own.

1. The Honest Company


Jessica Alba’s crusade to create eco-friendly and affordable products proved to be a game changer, with her creations standing up perfectly well against nonorganic competitors.

2. Kora Organics

Nourished Life

When a model as established as Miranda Kerr puts her skincare line over her career, you know she’s serious about it. Kora prides itself on creating products that are organic, vegan and fair trade, while treating your skin the way it deserves to be.

3. Kat Von D Beauty

Sidewalk Hustle 

Kat’s Studded Kiss lipsticks have remained one of Sephora’s top sellers worldwide since the line was launched in 2008, and for good reason too. Her eyeliners are also well-known for being able to last lengthy periods of time while retaining shape and colour.

4. Nuance Salma Hayek

Hayek joins the fray with her critically acclaimed CVS-based line of hair and makeup products, pairing age old recipes with the latest innovations in beauty technology.

5. Iman Cosmetics


Developed by supermodel Iman after her frustration with having to mix foundations to get the right colours for her darker skin, the brand caters specifically to all sorts of women of colour.

6. Circa Beauty

Beautiful Makeup Search 

Eva Mendes hit the nail on the head with her affordable line of  creamy and heavily pigmented drugstore cosmetics. Sure, we can’t all look as gorgeous as she does, but these products certainly bring us a step closer.

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