Make Your Protein Shakes Delicious With These 6 Tips

Need your daily dose of concentrated protein but can’t stomach the taste of yet another bland and boring shake? Follow these tips to add some much-needed flavour to your mixtures.

1. Add fruit

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Fruits can be a nice change of pace – they’re nutritious, and you can change them up every so often, inexpensively. Try adding strawberries or bananas for stronger flavours to mask the taste of the original shake.

2. Add water


Maybe you don’t care too much about added flavours – you want less, instead. There’s nothing wrong with adding more water to your shakes!

3. Add milk

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Milk helps make your protein shakes creamier, and also can bring out particular flavours that may not have been strong enough.

4. Make it a smoothie 

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Throw your mix into a blender with some milk, add ice and buzz away!

5. Add milkshake powder

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Milkshake powder is easy to get – and while there will be added sugar content, that’s not always a bad thing if you need an additional energy boost.

6. Add yogurt

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Yogurt helps to add depth and thickness to your protein shakes – a few spoonfuls of natural (or flavoured) yogurt should do the trick!