How To Get Bouncy Beach Waves Without The Beach With These 7 Methods

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an ocean within driving distance. Here are some hacks to bring the life of the ocean into your hair.

1. SEA SALT SPRAYImage result for beach waves


Here’s how to get your own ocean in a bottle. Mix 1 tablespoon of organic sea-salt, leave-in-conditioner and coconut oil into 250ml of warm water. Pour the concoction into a spray bottle and use thoroughly in towel dried hair, use scrunching motion until dry and watch the voluminous waves unfold.

2. HAIR MOUSSE Image result for voluminous waves

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A classic remedy for dull, flat hair. Mix a dollop of mousse into damp hair and blow-dry to your preferred style.


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This method is truly customisable to your preferred style of curl. Braid your hair while it’s still slightly damp. For larger curls, go for the classic french braid. For tighter curls, try a fishtail for that true beach babe look. Leave the braid over night and wake up to reveal beautiful textured curls.

4. A SCARF Image result for scarf curls overnight


Another great heatless method! Tightly wrap a scarf around your head of towel-dried hair, twist and tuck 1 inch sections of hair into the scarf. You could leave the scarf overnight or simply use a blow dryer for quicker results.


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If round barrel curls aren’t your cup of tea then this method is the perfect solution. Simply wrap 2 inch sections of hair around one of the barrels of the flat iron, press down for 10 seconds and release. This will leave you with bouncy yet effortless waves that leave those around you yearning for the sea breeze.




A fool proof way of achieving the beach babe hair. Section your hair down the middle and twirl your wet hair into two low buns on each side. Sleep on it, wake up to completely natural looking waves.


Image result for crimp iron curls

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Here is another great alternative to curling iron. It gives you texture without all the hassle, finish your look off with some hairspray and you’re set for the day!