Here’s Your Quick Checklist For Buying A New House

So it’s time to purchase your first house! Follow our checklist to make sure you’re actually getting the house of your dreams and not a fixer upper that will leave you needing to spend even more than you need to.

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1. Scour the internet for reviews about your property and the area around it.


2. Ask the realtor why the current tenant is moving.


3. Check out the facilities and schools around the area.


4. Compare the price of similar properties around the area.


5. Use a mortgage calculator to look for the best loans.


6. Visit the area at different times of day

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7. Check out whether the surrounding roads get jammed during rush hours


8. Bring a professional evaluator with you to check what needs replacing or sprucing up in the house.


9. Check if the electrical supply is adequate for your usage.


10. Look for damp or discoloured walls – they can be a sign of plumbing issues.

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11. Check for broadband or fibre coverage.


12. Check your signal strength.

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13. Ask about the neighbours.


14. How long has the property been on the market?


15. How much are service charges?

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16. What is included in the sale?

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17. Take pictures of the property