8 Acne Myths Busted

Have a few questions about your acne? We’re here to help you with them.

1. Hormonal breakouts cannot be controlled

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Wrong! These generally flare up the week before your period when your hormones peak – and getting an anti-androgen treatment such as spironolactone from your physician can help you control these breakouts.

2. Cold water shrinks pores


True! But only for about five minutes – it’s doesn’t last nearly as long as you would think.

3. It’s best to wash your face in the morning

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Wrong! It’s most important to give your face a good scrub at night to get rid of all the dirt you’ve accumulated throughout the day. If your skin is clean, you don’t have to repeat the process all over in the morning – which might aggravate your skin.

4. Birth control causes acne

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Yes! But every product is different, and you might have to find the right one that fits with your own hormonal cycle. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, so you might want to consider using topical treatments for a couple of months while letting your body get used to the new pills.

5. Acne scarring is forever 

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Wrong! Talk to your dermatologist about which options are best for you – laser surgery, microneedling, fillers, are some ways you can get rid of scars, depending on what kind you have.

6. Face masks help with acne 


Well, some of them do. Clay masks create a vacuum effect that do help to pull blackheads out, and they also have a drying effect, which can help with acne.

7. Moisturizing causes acne

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Wrong! You’re probably just using something that is too heavy or rich for your skin – switch to an lighter, oil-free moisturizer and feel the difference!

8. Sugar causes acne

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While there isn’t any conclusive evidence just yet – several studies have shown that a high-glycemic diet may be correlated with more breakouts.