7 Ways To Enhance Your Features With One Miracle Product

The ultimate minimalist beauty guide! All you need is a tub of vaseline and you’re all set to go. Here is how one product can completely improve your look:


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Using a clean mascara brush, comb through your brows with a small amount of vaseline. This method locks in your brow shape, it even trains your brows overtime when used consistently.


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Glossy lids have been making a come back, so why not take your shot at this trendy look? Dab on some on your eyelids, for a shiny finish to any eye look you desire.


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If mascara gets all over your lids, worry no more. Vaseline not only elongates your lashes, it encourages hair growth. With consistent use, your lashes will be looking thicker and fuller than ever.


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Vaseline works as both a regular lip balm and a glossy lip topper. It is great for using before applying matte liquid lipsticks, as they help moisturise your lips before the matte finish sucks the life out of them.


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Tap some on the high points of your cheek bones and you have yourself a completely natural looking highlighter. Vaseline even helps reduce discolouration in the face, so all those years of using highly pigmented blushes can now be reversed.


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Believe it or not, applying a layer of vaseline to your teeth actually helps it to appear whiter. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, it could even prevent stains on your pearly whites.


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Maja’s Diary

This tip is a lifesaver, especially if you suffer from frizzy hair. Rub a small amount between your hands to warm up the product, then gently scrunch it into your hair. You could even use a tooth brush with a little Vaseline on it to tame those pesky flyaways for the perfect slick ponytail.