7 Places Acne Pops Up In – And What You Should Do About It

Worried about your acne popping up in places that it usually doesn’t? We’re here to figure it out for you, and recommend lifestyle changes that will help you with them.


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If you have clusters of pimples here, it may point to issues with your digestive track. Oily bangs may also be a culprit for acne in this region.


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Nose pimples are linked to unhealthy liver and kidneys. A good suggestion to reduce them, would be to cut down on those ladies night cocktails.


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Cheek acne indicates problems with your respiratory system, smokers and those who live in the city tend to break out more in this area. It would definitely help to keep your phone sanitised before bringing up to your face to answer a call.


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Most ladies know this area tends to flare up right before their period arrives, this is due to hormonal imbalances in the body. Hormonal imbalances can be treated with birth control and other oral prescription from your local doctor.

5. SHOULDERS Image result for pimples on shoulder


Acne on the shoulders point to unhealthy drug use or other hormonal fluctuations adolescents may experience.



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Back-ne is usually caused by sweat and access sebum that builds up, so just make sure you get yourself a good scrub down in the shower.

7. BUTT 

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Those with celiacs disease may find themselves in a pickle after accidentally ingesting gluten, pimples on the derrière are also a symptom of that. Tight clothing may also be a culprit of acne here, so maybe no more tight speedos.