6 Business Simulation Games For You To Learn About Making Money

The real world moves a little slow at times, so while you’re waiting to make some real money why not kill some time and get acquainted with simulations of what you’re doing in real life. It won’t feel like actual work, we promise! Plus, you might learn a thing or two from these games.

1. Hipster CEO 

This is probably the closest phone-based simulation to creating your own startup – you manage every single aspect of your business from ‘your dorm room to Wall Street’, and it’s definitely not a breeze. There’s no walkthrough that will guarantee that your idea become the next Facebook.

2. The Founder 

‘A game about the dark side of Silicon Valley’, this startup simulator was created by Francis Tseng, who spent years in the Bay Area. It’s more than likely that on your first few playthroughs you’re going to fail horribly at this. How are you going to fight the monoliths like Kougle and Carrot Inc (Google and Apple), while continually growing your bottomline, keeping your employees happy, and taking social responsibility (if you want to?)

3. Capitalism Lab 

The Capitalism series dates back over twenty years, and each iteration brings with it a whole new set of challenges for the hardcore player. Can you exert your influence over all corners of every industry?

4. Fiz 

This mobile game is a little less taxing than the others on the list so far – you start off as a home craft brewer with a dream. The storyline and characters are quirky enough to keep you interested in this one for a while as you build your beer empire, take down rivals, save lives, and discover new recipes.

5. Victoria 2 

This is a grand strategy, with relatively deep economic strategy at the heart of it. Ever wanted to take your money making concepts back in time? This is your best bet until we get time traveling machines.

6. Unicorn Startup Simulator

Can your business reach a billion dollar valuation within a year? This is a lighthearted take on the genre if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill – plus you get to have meetings with virtual Elon Musk!