13 Productivity Apps You Can’t Live Without in 2018


Spend less time organizing things and be more productive with our excellent selection of apps for iOS and Android to help you get through the year.


1. Astro (Android, iOS – Free)

Winner of Product Hunt’s coveted Mobile App of the year, Astro is one of the most intelligent email apps to date. It brings together your emails, calendars, and a proprietary AI-powered virtual assistant to create a seamless experience which allows you to spend less time sorting out your emails and more doing what you need to.


2. Email by Easily.do (Android, iOS – Free)

Consolidate your email accounts in a singular solution, and let EasilyDo do the heavy lifting by automatically categorizing messages into different groups. It helps that it looks almost identical to Apple’s default Mail app, but with much more under the hood than you’d expect.


3. Any.do (iOS, Android – Free)

Cross-platform scheduling, Google integration, and the ability to assign tasks to others? Any.do does all that and more while maintaining a sleek, yet flexible interface.


4. Clear Todos (iOS – $4.99)

If you don’t need the extra functionality and just need to get things done, Clear is an extremely minimal list-based organizer to help you get through the day.

5. Trello (Android, iOS – Free) 

Essentially a bulletin board for your team that allows you to delegate tasks and track project progress at a glance.



6. Asana (Android, iOS – Free)

Asana allows you to consolidate your team’s projects and communications in a single place. Works great if you’re working on several in-depth tasks simultaneously.


7. Mindnode (iOS – Free)

Create collaborative mindmaps with your team members and colleagues on the fly. Mindnode is a great tool to brainstorm, visualize and organize multiple ideas across Apple devices.


The Windows Club

8. Google Apps (Android, iOS – Free)

The most seamless cross platform business suite available on the market right now. Collaborate on files with your team in real time, sync up calendars, store everything on the cloud – and so much more.

Phone Arena
9. WPS Office (Android, iOS – Free)

An alternative mobile office suite that allows for tabbed document editing, allowing you to easily work on multiple files at the same time.


10. IFTTT (Android, iOS – Free)

Task automation is the latest buzzword in tech, and IFTTT is at its’ forefront – making other apps ‘talk’ to each other. It allows you to set up ‘applets’ that automatically trigger tasks such as turning your porch lights on when pizza delivery is on the way, brewing coffee for you when you wake up, and virtually anything else you can think of doing.

Android Central

11. Tasker (Android, iOS – $2.99)

Tasker is similar enough to IFTTT, but interacts with your phone on a deeper level – if it’s something that can be done on a device, Tasker can automate it for you.



12. Join (Android – Free)

Created by the current developer of Tasker, this is an all-in-one app which brings your devices together. From replying to text messages on your laptop to sharing documents to specific devices in your network, Join makes it simpler.

13. Forest (Android, iOS – Free)

Put your phone away and start planting a virtual garden as you focus on your work. When you get up to 2500 in-app coins (earned by not touching your phone for a set period of time), Trees for the Future goes out and plants a real tree.

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