13 Cheap And Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas

Want to make something a little more personal over just getting a gift from the shops for a loved one? These DIY projects are cheap and easy to make.

1. Soap


Make your own personalized soap gift for someone! It’s simple, and pretty too.

2. Soap socks


Put those personalized soap bars inside cute knitted socks for an extra customized touch.

3. Mugs

Something Turquoise

You don’t have to make the mugs from scratch – just decorate them to your heart’s desire.

4. Coasters


Coasters are practical gifts that will always come in handy in any household.

5. Homemade bubble bath

Don’t Mess With Mama

Along the same lines as the first gift, but with extra bubbles!


6. Tote bag


Draw or paint something meaningful (or plain cheeky!) to the both of you.


7. Homemade jam

Bon Appetit

It’s time for some easy cooking! The giftee will definitely appreciate something different on their toast for a change.

8. Etched cutting board


This is a great gift for new homeowners, or for someone who’s going off to college.


9. Leather sleeves

Gadget Flow

These don’t take too much time – and you can make everything from iPad covers, to wallets, or even mousepads.


10. Japanese bowls


These Japanese-inspired bowls are a work of art (but they’re also pretty easy to make!)


11. Gingerbread house kit

Country Living

If the person you’re making a gift for likes getting their hands full, make a gingerbread house kit for them to mess around with!

12. Coloured wood vases for a personal touch


There’s a lot you can do to spruce a lovely wooden vase up – don’t forget to buy some flowers or plants to go along with this gift!

13. Notebook

Brit + Co

Get some nice materials from the craft store and make a personalized notebook (maybe with some surprises hidden within the pages!)