10 Household Items As Beauty Blender Replacements

Say goodbye to pricey sponges from Sephora, and hello to your kitchen pantry. Beauty guru tested, meme culture approved.

1. A DISH WASHING SPONGEImage result for dish sponge

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Like a regular beauty blender, get the sponge nice and damp before applying any product with it. Don’t be afraid to customise your sponge into whatever size and shape you need!


Image result for silicone bra insert


If you’ve heard of the silisponge, you know that it is essentially just a silicone pad. Since it soaks up no product at all, it is a great alternative if you want to get the most out of your make up.

3. A CHICKEN CUTLET Related image


Again, you can completely customise the shape of the cutlet. Wrap it up in a ziplock bag and start tapping away! Pro tip: add some marinade in the bag, once your done with your make up you can cook yourself a lovely dinner.

4. A CONDOM Image result for condom


Scandalous! Ensure that the condom is completely lube free and clean to the touch, to prevent any unwanted break outs. Pull it over your hand and you’re ready to go.

5. A HARD BOILED EGG Related image


Not only is it the shape of a beauty blender, its smooth exterior actually provides a great texture to apply foundation with. Pair it with a matte finish foundation and it will leave you with a gentle glow all day long.

6. A MEMORY FOAM PILLOW Image result for memory foam pillow

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Don’t sleep on this one! Its dense spongey material resembles the beauty blender more than you’d think. Cut a corner off your pillow, you won’t even miss it.


Image result for spoon

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An easy find in practically every kitchen. It has cooling properties and a tapered end, what more can you ask for from this classic utensil?


Related image


If it’s bold colour doesn’t convince you, its tender skin will. A gentle yet firm take on a beauty sponge, perfect for blending out your under-eye concealer.

9. A SOCKImage result for SOCK


Doesn’t matter what you stuff in it, get it a little damp and watch it work its magic. Perfect for the lone sock whose brother has been lost to the abyss of the dryer.

10. CLINGWRAP Related image


Wrap it around a ball, a potato and anything mostly round. Best part is its one use only, so feel free to try and try again.